Hi All,

I hope you are all safe and well during this uncertain time. We are here for you and will continue to send updates as we have them regarding schedules and timelines.

As mentioned I would like us to continue to work on our soccer minds while our bodies rest from the weekly routine of training.

This video shows the value of playing in the lanes and half spaces. We, too often, take ourselves out of the game with lack of positional awareness and mark the player who’s job it is to mark us. Remember the defender has decisions to make…. do they follow you when you move i.e. creating a space where the defender left, for your teammate to move in to. Or does the defender stay in their position when you move, in which case you should now have time and space on the ball. Movement and awareness of movement is one of the key factors in the RFC system and once we get more proficient with this we will see performance, development and therefore results improve.

Send me 1 paragraph  on what you see and cite the time of the video you saw it!

I am also looking at sending a mini program for the players to do at home, if possible, to keep our feet on the ball as well as our minds