Hi All,

I hope everyone is safe and well.

I have received lots of returned homework and what I have seen is excellent. I would like more though. I want the players to come back, when the sanctions are lifted, smarter and with more game understanding than when this all began so please follow up with your players and ensure that are taking part in these exercises.

This weeks video highlights the best team goals around. These are my favourite kind of goals as they require individual and collective understanding, everyone is thinking and seeing the same opportunities.

Please forward on to your players and cc me in. I’d like them to write a paragraph on what consistencies they see with each goal and cite their favorite, with time stamp.

I would also like to issue our players to a 1on1 home challenge. Players should go 1v1 at anyone in their household, parent, guardian, family pet. Send me the video and I will post on Instagram.

Please stay in touch and continue on with your own at home team activities.