Hi All,

So we’re about 3 weeks in to this and I’ve just stood in line outside Zehrs to buy eggos, its getting stranger by the day out there. I hope you are all well and managing to work through this difficult time as best as we all can.

For this weeks Homework exercise I would like players to send me a Youtube link to a passage of play/ goal with an explanation of what they want me to see. I spend all of my time coaching players on how I see the game now i’d like them to explain a clip on how they see it. Please send these to me by Sunday at 6pm. We are getting lots of participation but I’d like to see everyone involved please.

I am sure all who are in quarantine are facing the same issues as me with getting enough exercise and movement in their daily life. This brings me to this weeks Instagram challenge. I have started home workouts based on the link below and would like to see your efforts copying the same moves. Parents you can also get involved in this too, I know a lot of you still have some of the fashions in this clip so please send me your workout video and I will put on to Instagram. The clip with the most likes wins a prize……. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the 80’s and Mr Richard Simmons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZST8fLkps94