Hi All,

So we’re 5 or 6 weeks in to this and there is reason to be cautiously optimistic that our season will go ahead, even if potentially shortened in length. Ontario Soccer are still asking us to prepare for the season and have discussed July 15th as the cut-off to begin. RFC will be ready when/ if we get the green light to get out there. For now the board is in constant discussion as to what we do for our members in the coming weeks and months while we await more information.

During this time I know a lot of people are missing friends and family and we’re all worried for the ones we care about. For me, while I am not able to be with my family in Ireland I take comfort that my soccer family aren’t far away. So for this week’s challenge all I would ask for is a photo of you and whoever you are isolating with! I miss you guys and I’m sure you miss each other so if you can, email the photo and I will post on Instagram to remind us all that we’re stronger together and making it through this as a family.

This week’s homework will be one for me. Send me a video, give me a timeframe in the action and tell me to reply with what I see. You have given me your interpretation of games in the last week, now I’ll do the work. Watch the video yourself and see if my description matches yours. Send by Sunday 8pm please.

The workout this week is from a guy i watched a lot when I was a fitness manager. He is a font of knowledge and puts science behind working out. Have fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc1E5CfRfos