Hi All,

Time for the Week 7 challenge. We are now entering week 8 of our time away from soccer but we are getting there! As i’m sure you are all aware the powers that be are now discussing putting measures and guidelines in place for a return to some form of normalcy in the near future. This is the best news we’ve had in the last few months regarding getting back on the field and our own governing bodies are increasing their communication with timelines for a return to play. I’m hopeful we will get a season of play, possibly reduced, but a season nonetheless.

Given that we will possibly have 3-4 months off by the time we begin training etc, I can’t stress enough that we need to get our bodies moving now and prepare for the possibility of a busier game schedule than we’re used. When i was a pro we would get a plan to do in the off-season to ensure we were coming back in to pre-season physically capable of dealing with the heavy summer work load. What i would like you to do for this week’s homework and challenge is to devise and carry out your own Pre-Season plan. This should include a functional warm-up with increasing aerobic and anaerobic running. Aerobic means “with air” which is longer distance at lower speeds…. Anaerobic means “without air” which means short distance at high intensity… follow with static stretches and plenty of water.

Make sure you are physically ready when these sanctions are lifted, myself and the coaches will help with everything else.

Hope you are all safe and well.