Uniforms are ordered from the “Teams” Adidas collection which means  they are not items that are constantly for sale.  After the summer season has begun, we are only provided options from what is ‘currently’ available. We place a dummy order for the following season in September. For 2017 we will be ordering navy and red Tabella kits.

  • If your team is currently short rostered, consider ordering additional uniforms.  The charge for this will come directly from your O & A’s but would be returned once a position is filled (from their registration fee).  Suggest numbers are assigned so there is no necessity for returning shirts to the supplier for screening.

  • Uniforms after the main team orders are subject to late fees; the cost can increase by more than 100% for the actual uniform PLUS the ‘one-off’ screening charge can run at astronomical amounts.

  • Please email directly (cheryl@rockwoodfc.com) or TEXT (519 766 3333) for availability or with questions.

  • Fittings for uniforms will be done in December.