Rockwood FC Coach Code of Conduct

RFC coaches are role models and leaders who have significant impact on an athlete. Coaches set an example of respect, control and consistency with players and parents by practicing co-operation, self-discipline and respect for officials and opponents.

We encourage:

1. Respect for the Laws of the Game.

2. Generous praise and setting a good example. Participants need a coach they can respect.

3. Respect for referee decisions, and work with the referee for the benefit of the match.

4. Obtaining proper training and the upgrade of coaching skills and knowledge of the game as mandated by the RFC, District, and Ontario Soccer.

5. Being on time and prepared for games and practices.

6. Controlling your temper.

7. Winning and losing with both grace and dignity.

8. Communicating plans/expectations to players, parents and the RFC in a timely fashion.

9. Honour and value of the role as a leader, teacher and representative of the RFC.

10. Abidance and respect of RFC policies and procedures.

11. Protection of team and individual player privacy.

12. Ensuring that all players get equal instruction, support and minimum playing time of 50% House, 50% U8-U12 Grassroots and Rep.

13. Teaching players to act fairly and respect the rules, referees and our opponents.

14. Encouraging players to respect the match and not cause any kind of disturbance.

15. Reasonableness when scheduling games or practices.

16. Dressing appropriately and wearing RFC approved apparel at practices, matches, tournaments, and when representing the club.

17. Coaches are expected to conduct themselves appropriately when using electronic communication and social media including posting of material on public websites.

We don’t allow:

18. Intentional rough or violent play or foul language.

19. Ridicule, showing disrespect or yelling at the referees. Referee abuse is not an acceptable behavior.

20. Ridicule or yelling at players of your own or opposing team.

21. Player criticism without the presence of a coaching colleague or a player’s parent.

22. Distribution or use of team rosters or player’s information for use other than Rockwood FC.

Coaches agree:

Rockwood FC pays for any and all required courses with the expectation of a minimum 2 year commitment.  Courses must be approved in advance and receipts submitted within 30 days of completing a course to be reimbursed. If a Coach decides to leave Rockwood FC before fulfilling this commitment, the Coach will be required to repay a pro rated portion of the course fees back to Rockwood FC.  If a Coach wishes to move to another club before fulfilling his/her commitment, the Coach will be required to repay a pro rated portion of the course fees back to Rockwood FC before RFC will provide a release letter.


Infractions that occur during the game are governed by the Laws of the Game and will be decided by the referee. There may also be further action by the RFC, district and league discipline committee(s). Certain serious infractions may result in a discipline hearing convened by  Ontario Soccer or their delegate, and could lead to a worldwide suspension from soccer, and/or a fine being levied by the OS. Payment of the fine levied against a coach is the coach’s responsiblity. Coaches are responsible for reimbursing the RFC for any fines payable by the club due to their actions or inactions. Failure to pay any fines will result in suspension from the RFC for an indefinite period of time.


If for any reason the Code of Conduct is not followed by the coach, any [one or more] of the following steps may be taken by the RFC:

1. Suspend the coach for some time period

2. Remove the coach from the team.


I have read and agree to abide by the Rockwood Football Club Conduct Policy