Welcome to RFC Grassroots/Rep Program!

 Grassroots is the base from which all rep programs in Ontario are built .  Our Grassroots teams develop through year round training and participating in competitions at the District Level. Our Grassroots teams participate in South West Region Soccer  League, run by South West Region Soccer Association.  Our U13 and up Rep teams participate in the South West Region Soccer League or the Regional level soccer league, dependent on team performance and admission criteria.

Rockwood FC fields Grassroots teams U8-12 and  Rockwood FC Rep teams U13-21 based on interest and resources.

Included in your 2020-2021 Grassroots and Rep Fees:

In 2019-2020, all RFC registered players received refunds for portions of the programming that could not happen as a result of Covid-19. While the full 2020-2021 fee will be announced, in keeping with the times, the fees will be divided into manageable payments that will cover individual and team expenses as programming progresses.

Uniforms and Equipment

Player Kit Adidas  Home jersey/shorts/socks
Player Kit Adidas  Away jersey/shorts/socks
GoalKeeper Kit budget given to team
Equipment provided for team use(remains with club) Coach bag with pinnies/cones or discs/game balls

Team practice balls and pug nets


NEW Team Training Fall Mid September-Oct twice a week training outdoors at Rockmosa and Eden Mills
Team Training Winter October to April once a week team training primarily led by Technical Director/LTPD Coordinator at Royal Distributing Athletic Performance Center (no training during Christmas Break or March Break and a brief break between winter and summer schedule)

U9B training will be led by qualified Head Coach under the supervision of the Technical Director

Goalkeeper Training Due to Covid-19 restrictions group Keeper training will not be offered at this time, the Technical Director is working to devise keeper training that is in compliance with Return to Play Guidelines
Online Analytical Sessions  to be sent out by Technical Director periodically over winter session U11-18
NOTE: additional training as decided by the Team Officials, school gyms will not be available for training for the foreseeable future
Team Training Summer Outdoors Mid May-September twice a week on a field/training space
 U9-12 Games (Covid-19 dependent) once a week May to beginning of September as determined by District League, including mid season District Festivals
 U13 and up Games (Covid-19 dependent) 12-16 games May to September, year end Cup playdowns/finals September as determined by District or Regional League depending on team placement


Player/Team Outdoor player registration fee

Outdoor team registration fee

Player Card

Team Photo and Individual Photo

Team permits(Application to Travel, Exhibition games…etc)

 Club Operations Ref Courses/Ref Fees


Coach Courses(Coaches reimbursed 100% for courses upon completion of course, with 2 year commitment)

Volunteer Background Checks

Club apparel like track suits and bags are available at an extra cost(can be covered by fundraising or sponsorships)

Teams set their own sponsorship rates, and monies collected are 100% for team use under the Club financial guidelines.

Tournaments are not included, with the exception of the season end District Cup  and the Regional Kick Off Cup

PAYMENT 1 OCT 15, 2020 $437.50
PAYMENT 2 JAN 31, 2021 $437.50

U9 Payment Schedule to be posted shortly. U9 Fees are $800

If you have questions or concerns regarding fees or payment schedule or method of payment please contact Lori Roth Registrar registrar@rockwoodfc.com

Rep and Elite players continuing with RFC from 2019-2020 Season will receive a returning player discount $100, which shall be equally applied across all payments.

COVID IMPACT – Rep and Elite Programs and Refund Policy

With the continually evolving Covid Pandemic, Rockwood FC cannot offer a definitive refund policy that covers all scenarios, keeping that in mind RFC does endeavor to always be fair to our members.

RFC is committed to providing opportunities for our athletes to reach their full potential.  In today’s environment, plans and programs can change in a moment. Your fees are based on a year round program.  Due to the investment made in your programs, prior to players stepping on the field, we cannot define an all encompassing refund policy.  In the event of a Covid disruption, know that RFC will carefully examine expenses to determine where pro-rated refunds are warranted.