I just wanted to reach out with an update as to the current state of play. As I’m sure you’re aware, all soccer activity has been postponed until the end of April, at which time there will be another assessment made as to when we can get back out there.
We’re all feeling the same uncertainty and concerns over all aspects of our regular day to day lives. But one thing you can guarantee is that soccer will be back and RFC will be ready to go when it is.
We don’t know how long this down time will last but there will be a plan to make up for as much of the lost time as we can. Once we get a clearer understanding of time frames I will be in touch with how we will adjust our schedules to get back on track with our training. We will continue our theory exercises and individual skills challenges throughout this downtime.
I hope you’re all doing ok wherever you are and please say hi to your player for me, maybe make them do a few burpees too.
Aaron Kerr
  Rockwood FC
  Technical Director