Welcome to the U8 Girls 2019 Season!

Start Date: May 25,2019-Uniforms will be handed out first day

Picture Day: June 15(no retake day) all get an individual and team photo

Last Date: Aug 17, 2019

NOTE: no sessions on June 29 and August 3

Time: 9:00am -10:00am

Location: Rockmosa Park, U8 fields behind the baseball diamond, closest to Library


This season we are pleased to announce that RFC, will be launching a new Long Term Player Development program which will include Coach Erick Olazabal, LTPD Coordinator, running Friday night Development and designing the warm up/drills for the volunteer coaches to run prior to games on Saturdays for the U8 age groups.

By implementing the LTPD philosophy, supported by good coaching methodology, players will benefit from and enjoy practice sessions more. All sessions will focus on player development in a low stress, supportive, positive, fun‐filled and safe environment.

During the practices, players will spend an allotted time at each station having fun, being introduced to and developing specific skills and qualities before moving onto the next station. By using station work, we create an environment where players are continually motivated and that they are continually challenged.

All sessions take a holistic approach to developing our young athletes focusing on the Four Corner LTPD model which consists of technical, psychological, physical and social/emotional components. The Four Corner approach places the player at the center of the development process with soccer experiences that meet the four key needs of the player.


It is mandatory that your child wear shin guards to play soccer. Soccer shoes are optional.  RFC provides each registered child with a full soccer uniform that consists of a team jersey, shorts and socks. Uniforms this year will be handed out on – Sat May 25th – children will meet their coaches who will hand out their team shirts. Please visit our uniform table by the concession to receive your child’s socks and shorts.


For any child with piercings – their jewelry MUST be removed each week prior to game time.   This includes earrings.  Activity Trackers or ‘Fit Bits’ may not be worn.  All jewelry, with the exception of medical alert bracelets and necklaces, is prohibited for the safety of the players.

Week to Week Plan

The goal of this age group is for all of the kids to have fun and to learn the basics of soccer. In order to support the positive learning environment, we will run your child’s soccer program with the following format on Saturdays:

15 min – warm-up & skills development – all kids will have a ball to use for the activities that will be sent out prior to each Saturday by Erick Olazabal (LTPD Coordinator) The coaches will encourage the young players to practice simple drills that will introduce them to some initial soccer concepts.

5 min – break before game time

2×20 mins halves – 5v5 scrimmage against another team in the same age group. In accordance with Long Term Player Development we do not keep score and we play with keepers(goalies) – the kids are all encouraged to have fun and all soccer game rules are implemented.

Also, there will be additional free weekly Friday development throughout the summer being offered for all U8 players that want to commit to a more consistent development in the game of soccer. This commitment will determine invitation to rosters/teams representing Rockwood FC at festivals during the summer months of the season. These development sessions will also be planned, and delivered by Erick Olazabal (LTPD coordinator).

Weather Policy

Our soccer program runs rain or shine. The only time soccer is cancelled is if there is lightening/thunderstorms. When faced with severe heat alerts, our soccer coaches will have the children take more frequent breaks to ensure that they stay properly hydrated. Please always make sure your child has more than enough water at the fields.

Parental Supervision

This age group requires that a parent/guardian MUST be on-site (i.e. at the field) each week. Should you need to leave the area (i.e. take another child to the bathroom, run to your car etc) please ensure that you designate another parent (not one of your coaches) to keep an eye on your child. Our coaches’ responsibility is to ensure that each child has a great time at both the practice and game – they are not babysitters.

Please note, if you have other children registered for soccer (U4-U8) all age groups are currently being sent their communications.  If you have not received yours please check your junk mail or ensure that a valid email address was entered into your Rockwood FC membership account.

—Erick Olazabal