FALL 2023

The 1v1 program is an opportunity for players to develop their ability to beat an opponent in various games realistic scenarios.  Players will learn techniques to improve their ability to receive the ball under pressure, beat a defender with a change of speed and direction, and to understand how to use their body to protect the ball.  In order to be effective in these scenarios, players will develop ball mastery competency through opposed and unopposed technical practices.



  WINTER 2024

The Finishing School is focused on developing composure and comfort using a wide range of techniques. Repetition is a key part of creating consistency, and so players would be placed in realistic shooting situations throughout the program. Techniques developed would include striking with power, volleys and, passed finishes. To be as realistic as possible, and to enhance their development also, we will involve goalkeepers in this session.

3v3 U9-U12


The core concept of this program is centred around creating options for the player in possession. Players will develop a greater understanding of timing movements to support the player on the ball, receiving body shapes, weight of pass and movement to create space for others. As players begin to improve their game knowledge, constraints will be added to the games to encourage various tactical values. Program is lead by Gareth Davies, Rockwood FC Technical Director.

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