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Rockwood FC Code of Conduct

Everyone involved in sports – from parents and spectators to athletes, officials and coaches – can and should lead by example by promotion positive behaviour on and off the soccer field. The easiest way to do this is to respect the written and unwritten rules of the game. Respect is the communal responsibility of each participant in soccer to create an environment that is both safe and enjoyable for all who take part.

This Conduct Policy should be supplemented with a high degree of common sense and keeping the best interests of the players and the game in mind. Violation of the guidelines may result in disciplinary actions that could include, but are not limited to, verbal and/or written warnings, as well as in extreme cases coach, parental, and player suspension.

The goal is to ensure that all participants have a great soccer experience.

The RFC Codes of Conduct are guidelines to the fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • Coaches are role models and leaders who have significant impact on an athlete’s attitudes. Coaches set an example of control and consistency with players and parents by practicing co-operation, self-discipline and respect for officials and opponents.
  • Players should recognize that they are part of a team; they share in its successes and failures. Fair play and co-operation is to be encouraged at all times.
  • Parents are encouraged to provide positive support to their players, team and coaches. Instruction is the domain of the coach.

The Codes of Conduct for on field activity are designed to be respected in conjunction with off field communications. The RFC Communication Policy guides the use of electric communications:

  • Members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately when using electronic communications to share information with the other members or posting material on public websites connected to the club.

It is a condition of continuing RFC membership that all participants understand and follow these Codes of Conduct when participating in any RFC activity, and the Communication Policy when electronically sharing information. It is to be followed at all times, by all members.

Resolving Problems:
If an issue arises, member MUST wait 24 hours before determining if they wish to pursue the issue further. If pursuing an issue with a Coach, members are required to do so privately, and in a positive and constructive manner. I the conflict is not resolved to a mutual satisfaction, members can approach the team Manager. If the conflict remains unresolved, member can contact the RFC Technical Director and RFC division Convenor.


The Province of Ontario, at the present time, is the only Province in Canada to enact Concussion Safety legislation throughout its sport system.

“Rowan’s Law” (Concussion Safety) received Royal Assent on March 7, 2018, and Section 5 of the Act, proclaiming a “Rowan’s Law Day” was the only section that came into effect at that time.

A concussion is a brain injury. It may affect the way a person thinks, feels and acts.

Any blow to the head, face or neck may cause a concussion. A concussion may also be caused by a blow to the body if the force of the blow causes the brain to move around inside the skull. A concussion can happen to anyone – anywhere – including:

  • at home, school or your workplace
  • following a car, bike or pedestrian accident
  • from participating in games, sports or other physical activity

The purpose of Rowan’s Law legislation is to promote culture change and make participation in amateur competitive sport safer.

On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport.

If you are an athlete under 26 years of age*, parent of an athlete under 18, coach, team trainer or official and your sport organization has advised that you need to follow the rules of Rowan’s Law you need to:

  • review any one of Ontario’s official Concussion Awareness Resources before registering or serving with your sport organization; and
  • review your sport organization’s Concussion Code of Conduct that they will provide to you; and
  • confirm that you have reviewed both of these resources every year with your sport organization(s)

* Exception: A sport organization that is a University, College of Applies Arts and Technology or other Post-Secondary Institution will be advising athletes of any age that they need to follow the rules of Rowan’s Law.

If you are involved in more than one sport

No matter how many sport organizations you register with in a given year, you are only required to review a Concussion Awareness Resource once within that year. You are however required to confirm your review of a Concussion Awareness Resource with each sport organization with which you register.

You are also required to both review and confirm your review of the Concussion Code of Conduct for each sport organization with which you register.

All RFC registrations will have a step added to the registration process with a link to the Concussion Awareness Resources for your review.  All RFC Team Officials are also required to sign a Team Official Concussion Code of Conduct

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