Grassroots is….


Ontario Soccer’s main focus is the development of our players and clubs.

The guiding principle is that players of all ages and abilities should have the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer and grow as participants and people. Through Long Term Player Development (LTPD) players will be able to learn and compete at appropriate levels throughout their lives.”

-Ontario Soccer

Grassroots ages include U6-12, but the governing principles can be used for the younger ages as well. Long Term Player Development principles are meant to encourage a love and enjoyment of the game to encourage ‘Soccer for Life’.

Grassroots Standards was formerly known as Long Term Player Development.

“LTPD Is about putting the player first and offering age-appropriate opportunities for kids to enjoy the game of soccer. Making the game fun is key in teaching and coaching, so that players will continue in the game and may even coach or referee as they get older.”

-Ontario Soccer

Grassroots is the most important part of the player pathway-it is where players get their first experience with the beautiful game. Rockwood FC has a Long Term Player Development Coordinator who specializes in ensuring the implementation of  Long Term Player Development/Grassroots programming in order to provide players with an enjoyable, fun and age appropriate experience.  Our LTPD Coordinator personally works with every age group U2-U12, including the creation and implementation of a unique Parent/Tot group at U2 and U3.