Player Insulin Pump Policy

This Canadian Soccer Association (“Canada Soccer”) policy is designed to reduce inconsistencies in rulings over players with diabetes who wear an insulin pump. All referees are expected to follow these policies in all matches sanctioned by Canada Soccer.

An insulin pump is designed to ensure that the player maintains a proper blood glucose level during the game. An extended period without infusion of insulin may result in hyperglycemia (excess sugar in the blood).

Law 4 states that a player may not use equipment that is dangerous to him/herself or another player. This is further expanded upon in the interpretations of the Laws of the Game whereby it is advised that player may use equipment that has the sole purpose of protecting the individual physically providing that it poses no danger to the individual or any other player.

A player wearing an insulin pump because of a medical condition is permitted to play providing he/she has received written medical clearance and is able to provide the referee with a note indicating such. The pump itself must not present a danger to the individual or any other player.
Nicky Pearson,
Manager, Referee Development
Ontario Soccer