At Rockwood FC we believe –Without Match Officials there would not be a game.

We believe in fostering a positive relationship with Match Officials including open communication, mentoring new Match Officials, providing opportunities for continuing education and assigning games that reflect experience and ability.

‘Why Do We Have Referees?
In the world of athletics, such occurrences as infractions, fouls, and offenses are identified and managed by a group of people called Referees or Judges. They analyze the totality of circumstances, and simultaneously decide to stop play or to allow the game to flow on as the advantage is invoked. Overall, a Referee’s opinion does matter, unless human nature takes a toll on him when a mistake is made. A good referee is noticeable; his performance is fluid and consistent with the requirements that satisfy established rules.
What Is A Referee?
A Referee is a special human being who is acting in the capacity of a judicial figure to enforce the adopted rules of an organized sport with total honesty, integrity, courage, loyalty, fairness, and common sense. Great Referees rely on great judgement and wisdom to make their decisions. Consider why I believe that we find great soccer where there are good Referees. I still find it very disturbing the way the commentators, coaches, and a few spectators still using their misinterpretation of the rules as an excuse to blame Referees for the outcome of a game.  As you can see, not anyone can be a Referee.
Once again, I say: there are no bad Referees; some just lack exposure and experience.

Long live the Referees!’