Online membership access

All membership information is provided online.  If you have already signed up for previous Rockwood FC seasons, you would have been sent out your account information (username and password).  Note that your user name is your email address.


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Parents and Volunteers should log into the Membership Portal:

  • View Payment and Receipt info
  • You can access your child’s team from here
  • Volunteer admin


Players and Coaches can access team pages here:

  • Direct access for team registrants
  • Team schedules
  • Announcements

Team Login

REP Players can access the TeamView pages:

  • Attendance
  • Team Calendar
  • Announcements


RFC NUTRITION BLOG (Click to view)

“My name is Sara Friedrich and I am an Applied Human Nutrition major studying at the University of Guelph. Many people do not know, but I am actually from Vancouver Island, British Columbia!

I have always been a very active person. Since I was 5 years old, I have had a passion for soccer. I have played house, rep, high-school, and intramural level soccer. Not only have I played, but I was also the assistant coach for a boy’s soccer team during their U-14, U-15, and U-16 years.

My passion for sports nutrition developed mainly through my own need to fuel my body for sports. In addition to playing soccer, I have been running short and long distances for the past eight years and I have even ran four half-marathons! Being an active individual has always pushed me to eat better and fuel my body for exercise. I am very grateful to have found a field that allows me to combine nutrition and exercise, as well as give me the opportunity to help people nourish their bodies with healthy foods.

If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email or comment on the blog posts!”

RFC operates 3 soccer divisions. Please click the title below to view age group information and to link to the public websites for those teams.


Age groups, from U4 to U8, meet every Saturday morning at the Rockmosa fields.  This is a HOUSE League format whereby all teams are from the local Rockwood area.


These age groups, from U10 to U18, travel to neighbouring communities.  This RECREATIONAL league program is managed in conjunction with the Escarpment Soccer ESL and NPHSL leagues. Please visit ESCARPMENT SOCCER for travel league information.


These age groups, focused upon sport DEVELOPMENT, travel south-western Ontario.  This league is managed by the SWRSA association. Please visit SWRSA for REP league information.