Subscriptions Policy

The Rockwood Football Club (RFC) broadcast email module complies with the new Canadian Anti Spam Legislation which came into effect July 1, 2014. This includes a capability for a member to set their email subscription preferences by content type from within their individual member portal.

Background on the CASL Legislation

In terms of the new legislation, here are some points to consider:

The legislation is intended to protect Canadians from receiving unwanted commercial electronic messages.

Implied or Express Consent is required to send messages that are ‘commercial’ in nature (ie: purchase or sell a product; advertise or promote a product or service; or request consent)

RFC does not require implied or express consent to send messages that are not commercial in nature. Express consent is when an organization such as RFC has asked a member for their consent to receive commercial messages.

Implied consent is based on a previous business relationship with the member. This exists if the member has purchased a product, good or service from RFC within the last 2 years, or been a member of RFC (a not-for-profit volunteer association) in the last 2 years.


The RFC Mass Email system helps the Club comply with this new legislation. In order to do so, specific terms and capabilities are defined:

1) Subscriptions – Members are able to sign up for different subscription categories as a means of providing ‘express consent’ to email messages of certain categories which include:

a. Marketing – messages that promote a product or service to your members (ie: hotel deals or product purchase deals)

b. News and Events – news and events of RFC that include a commercial message

c. Camps and Clinics – camps and clinics for players, coaches or members

d. Operations/Admin – this is a special category that will always send messages to all members and is intended for messages that are NOT of a commercial nature

2) Unsubscribe Process – All ‘non operations and admin’ emails will contain an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the message and will provide an easy method for members to unsubscribe from a subscription. 3) Expired Member – A special setting categorizes RFC membership into ‘active’ and ‘expired’ members. Active members are members who have been active in RFC for the past 2 years and therefore fall under the ‘implied consent’ category. This is communicated on the RFC member personal profile as ‘membership expiration’ .

How it works?

RFC and its members control their email subscriptions as follows:

1) Subscriptions Tab – A “Subscriptions” tab is provided within the RFC Member Portal. This allows complete control of all subscriptions for all levels of the hierarchy (where appropriate).

2) Email Unsubscribe Link – Emails will contain an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the message which will allow RFC members to OPT OUT of emails from that club for that type / category of email.

3) Email Sign-in Page – An Email Sign-in page is accessible from the website. This link allows users to key in their email address, receive a code, and then login to a special screen to edit their subscriptions.

4) Email Subscriptions List – When creating an email, authorized RFC members select which email subscription category is to be used to send the email message and only those people who satisfy the following criteria will receive the message: a. not opted out of subscription category b. opted in to subscription category (if you are an ‘inactive’ member)

5) Email Send To List Information – When creating an email to specific individuals, authorized RFC members are able to view who will and who will not receive the message based on the recipients’ subscription settings.