Ontario Soccer Return to Play Announcment

Action Bulletin

Bulletin #:   A2021-012

Date:           June 8, 2021

To:               Clubs, Academies, Associate Members

CC:              Ontario Soccer Board of Directors, Staff

From:          Johnny Misley, Chief Executive Officer

Subject:      Ontario Soccer announces Return to Play to begin June 11

Ontario Soccer continues to work in consultation with the Government of Ontario and Canada Soccer as we prepare for Return to Play 2021. Ontario Soccer will keep the membership updated with the most recent developments surrounding Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Plan.

The Government of Ontario announced June 7, 2021 that it is easing the restrictions on Outdoor Activities and the province is moving to Step 1 of the new three-stage opening framework.

As a result of this decision, Ontario Soccer has reviewed the updated framework with the Government Health and Sport authorities and is now prepared to provide direction to membership on what is allowed for sport in Step 1 Return to Play.

Organized team sport individual training, with up to 10 participants per field quadrant with distancing of two meters, will begin in Step 1 of the Government of Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopening on June 11, 2021 at 12:01 a.m. Step 2 is tentatively scheduled to start 21 days after the start of Step 1.  Step 3 is tentatively scheduled to start 21 days after the start of Step 2. Both are subject to Government of Ontario assessment and approval.

In preparation for this opening date for our sport, Ontario Soccer members are encouraged to complete these critical sport specific steps and directives from Ontario Soccer.

  1. All affiliated Club and Academies must register their participants in OSCAR – the official participant registry of Ontario Soccer.
  2. All affiliated Clubs and Academies must read and understand Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide (the plan) – Protocols and Recommendations document.
  3. All affiliated Clubs and Academies must prepare their own Return to Play Plans for use within their membership. Use of Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide (the plan) is strongly recommended.
  4. All affiliated Clubs and Academies must complete Canada Soccer’s Risk Assessment Tool. Please do not complete this tool until you have completed step 1, 2 and 3 above. Access by each Club and Academy must be done so by one single source. Do not forward or share the on-line link tool with others.


To access Canada Soccer’s Online Risk Assessment Tool click HERE.

(once completed you will receive an automated message assessing your submission)


Last year, Ontario Soccer lobbied for and secured the Supporting Ontario Recover Act and COVID-19 Liability Protection for its members, which ensures, that if they follow all protocols, workers, volunteers and organizations are protected from any legal action which may arise as a result of the public health situation.

However, this protection is only available to registered members and their participants registered in OSCAR with Ontario Soccer.

Failure to register participants will result in members being exposed to liability risk and lack of protection.

The Ontario Soccer Return to Play Guide/Plan has been updated to reflect the Government of Ontario’s Step 1 of the three-stage framework. Information on Step 2 and Step 3 is still to be determined by the Government of Ontario as official regulations are not available at this time;

Step 1: Individualized Outdoor Training

Date: June 11: 12:01AM (confirmed)

Conditions: Approved to begin.    

Restrictions: Outdoor sports and training up to 10 participants at one time. 10 per field quadrant with distancing (2M).

No contact, no league, exhibition, festival or tournament games. Spectators not permitted (exception is person under the age of 18 years who is engaged in activities in the facility may be accompanied by one parent or guardian).

Step 2Team Training and League Games

Date: 21 days before next step (TBA by Government of Ontario)

Conditions: 70% of Adults in Ontario with one dose of the vaccine and 20% fully vaccinated allows for: Outdoor team sport competition to begin.

Restrictions: Subject to further information from the Government of Ontario.

Step 3Continuation of Team Training and League Games

Date: 21 days before next step (TBA by Government of Ontario)

Conditions: 70-80% adults with one-dose of the vaccine and 25% fully vaccinated allows for: Indoor Sport and Recreational Facilities to re-open.

Restrictions: Subject to further information from the Government of Ontario.

The steps outlined above apply equally to all recreational, competitive and high performance level soccer.

Note: Ontario Soccer will determine timelines for each Step in alignment with the Province of Ontario provincial health authorities involving government regulations, restrictions and guidelines.

This will be communicated via future Action Bulletins when applicable.

Additionally there is information on:

  • Equipment Safety                                                      
  • Provide a Safe and Clean Environment – Fields, Clubhouse, Offices
  • Risk Management and Insurance                               
  • Emergency Response Plan                          
  • Legal Considerations

Ontario Soccer has also included information on Technical Resources, such as Sample Training Sessions, Return to Play Participant waivers, which may be used by your organization and links to COVID-19 Public Health Resources.


Two Return to Play Education Webinars for the Ontario Soccer membership will be scheduled for June 17, 2021.

These will include a presentation on the Return to Play Guide and 30 minutes for questions and answers.

June 17, 2021 at 1 p.m. Participate here.

June 17, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. Participate here.


In summary, as directed by the new Government of Ontario reopening framework we are taking a cautious, balanced approach to Return to Play in 2021. We will continue to advocate and follow the science as we recover in 2021 and look forward to a much more prosperous 2022.

We want to recognize the incredible work that our membership have done over the last year and we are extremely proud of how organizations have rallied together to ensure our participants will Return to Play this summer. Your work and advocacy around #LetUsPlay has ensured the Government of Ontario has heard our sport loud and clear.

Soccer will play a special role in helping our participants recover from this pandemic and we will show how the power of sport can serve to transform and empower our youth.

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