Rockwood FC Parent and Spectator Code of Conduct

Parents are encouraged to participate as supporters.

Positive support of the players and coaches is expected.

During the match, instruction is the domain of the coach.

We encourage:

1. Remembering that children play for their enjoyment.

2. Encouragement of your child to play by the rules of the game.

3. Showing your appreciation of volunteer coaches and officials

4. Respect of the decisions of referees and coaches.

5. Controlling your temper.

6. Emphasizing the value of honest effort, skill improvement and fair play.

7. Spectator applause of all good plays, both for your team and your opponents.

8. Actions which speak louder than words. Make sure your behaviour sets a good example.

9. Supporting all efforts to remove violence from children’s sport.

10. Ensuring that your player shows up for scheduled practices and matches at times designated by the coach.

Rep/Elite Parents note: Registering to participate in a rep sport is an important commitment for both parent and player. Repeated inability or failure to attend scheduled practices will affect playing time.

11. Communicating and responding to team communications in a timely manner.

We do not allow:

12. Ridicule or yelling at anyone.

13. Referee abuse or questioning of the referee’s judgement or honesty.

14. Resorting to hostility or violence for disputes.

15. Stepping onto the field of play.

16. Parents coaching from the sidelines. Open criticism of players, coaches or officials may be subject to disciplinary consequences. Spectators must be aware that the team can be penalized for their behaviour and that individuals must obey an order by a referee or from the team’s coach to leave the vicinity of the pitch.


Infractions that occur during the match are governed by the Laws of the Game and will be decided by the referee. There may also be further action by a RFC discipline committee. Certain serious infractions may result in possible suspension from football and a fine being levied by the Ontario Soccer. Paying any such fine is the responsibility of the individual.  Individuals are responsible for reimbursing the RFC for any fines payable by the RFC due to their actions or inactions.


If for any reason the Code of Conduct is not followed by a parent or spectator, any [one or more] of the following steps may be taken by the RFC:

1. Request the parent or spectator to not attend team events.

2. Remove the child from the team.