Rockwood FC Players Code of Conduct

Players should recognize that they are part of a team; they share in its successes and failures. Players represent themselves, RFC, their team, their family, and the community. Fair play and cooperation is expected at all times.

We encourage:

1. Playing the game for fun.

2. Playing by the rules.

3. Being a team player through respect and co-operation with team mates.

4. Respect of opponents for without them you don’t have a game.

5. Working equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team’s performance will benefit and so will your own.

6. Controlling your temper.

7. Cheering all good plays, both for your team and the opponents.

8. Acceptance and deference to the decisions of coaches and referees.

9. Giving your best effort all the time be it practice or game situations.

10. Respect for coaches, team mates and spectators.

11. Consideration of the importance of having fun, improving skills, making friends and doing one’s best.

12. Winning with humility, and losing with dignity.

13. Players are expected to conduct themselves appropriately when using electronic communication and social media including posting of material on private or public websites.

We do not allow:

14. Fighting or deprecating actions which can spoil the game for everybody.

15. Derogatory, foul or abusive language directed at players, coaches, officials, spectators or parents.

16. Referee abuse, which is not an acceptable behaviour.

Game and Practice Procedures

17. Players will try to arrive at least 15 minutes before practices and 30 minutes before games.

18. If the player cannot make a game or practice, they are to notify the coach at least 24 hours in advance so that arrangements for substitutes can be made, unless the coach instructs otherwise.

19. As stated in the Laws of the Game, players are to wear their shirt over their shoulders and tucked into shorts while on the pitch during a match.

20. Players are to wear shin guards, socks and soccer boots at all games and practices.

21. Prior to participating in any games or practices, players are to remove any jewellery, watches or any item that may cause injury to team mates or opposing players.


Infractions that occur during the match are governed by the Laws of the Game and will be decided by the referee. The referee’s decision is final. Certain serious infractions (e.g. referee assault) will result in a Discipline Hearing, possible suspension from football and a fine being levied by  Ontario Soccer . Paying any such fine is the player responsibility.


If for any reason the Code of Conduct is not followed by the player, any [one or more] of the following steps may be taken by the coach and/ or RFC:

1. Reduce the playing time of the player; and/or

2. Suspend the player for some time period.

3. Remove the player from the team.